Star Ghost Dog – Underdrive EP (2000)

Star Ghost Dog
Underdrive EP

Star Ghost Dog’s Underdrive EP is a hip little CD. The disc was released in anticipation of The Great Indoors. The first 2 tracks are from that record. The slick indie rock of “Underdrive” gets things started before yielding to the beautiful melancholy of “Holiday.”

The other two songs on the EP make it truly special. “The Only One” is a power pop gem, complete with tight harmonies and “bop-badda” backing vocals. This song was previously unreleased and is one of my favorite Star Ghost Dog tunes. Closing out the 4 song package is a remix of “Plus De Vaches” that was previously only available on a 7” single.* Master Cylinder gets his hands dirty to create a ten minute disco epic. “Plus De Vaches (Qui Remix)” is undoubtedly the definitive version of the song. Local radio DJs take note – this remix makes for great bathroom break material.

Star Ghost Dog’s Underdrive EP is worth picking up if you can find it.

Where to get it:

* The original version of “Plus De Vache” appeared on the band’s 1998 release, Happylove.