We are proud to premiere Eric Salt & The Electric City’s excellent “Excellent” video!

We here at Daykamp Headquarters are super excited to share the new video from musical chameleons Eric Salt & The Electric City with you. It’s called “Excellent” and it is excellent. Of course, we expected nothing less from some of our favorite folks in town. The song finds Eric and the gang shifting musical gears at the drop of a dime. The colorful video directed by Daniel Jacobs is a visual love letter to all things Boston music. Watch for shoutouts to Q Division, John Powhida, Will Dailey, Hot Stove Cool Music, Tim Gearan, Daykamp Creative and a whole bunch of other people and events that make this town special. And hot air balloons. Lots of pretty hot air balloons. It’s impossible not to be happy when you are watching hot air balloons and listening to Eric Salt & The Electric City.

Get your eyeballs ready. Here are some sweet videos.

Howdy folks! I don’t know what they’ve been putting in the water around here lately, but people have been making some really sweet videos lately. I won’t bore you with words when there’s watchin’ to be done. Here are a six of my recent favorites from Air Traffic Controller, Midriffs, Eldridge Rodriguez, Brian Carpenter & The Confessions, Petty Morals and Psychic Dog. Get your eyeballs ready.

Don’t forget, you can watch hundreds of local videos back-to-back-to-back anytime on Daykamp Music TV. There are almost 800 videos in rotation. That’s a lot of backs.

Halloween is nearly here. Watch these ten videos and be filled with fear.

Halloween is upon us. If you need help getting into the spirit of the season, maybe these spooky videos will help. Can’t get enough local videos? Head on over to Daykamp Music TV and watch over 750 of ’em. Now, please don’t leave a flaming bag of poop on my doorstep.

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! – “Planet Slime”

The Longwalls – “Zombies!”

Endation – “Staab”

Darling Pet Munkee – “Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle”

The Lady Comes First – “The Last Temptation of Shoney Lamar”

The TeleVibes – “DMT”

Moe Pope and Rain – “Annie Mulz”

Vary Lumar – “Murderer”

Gozu – “Bald Bull”

Walter Sickert And The Army Of Broken Toys – “The Sharp Mouth and the Toilet Vampire”

Videos! Videos! 700 Videos!

Oh, hi! Nice to see you. It’s been a while since I’ve updated you on Daykamp Music TV. If I ever want to show my face around town again, I better use my imagination and come up with some way to tell you more about the state of our video channel. Sooo, here goes.

Look, we all get a little bit low from time to time. Sometimes we’re so low down we don’t even wanna to go to school or work. The fear is that it will send us to our graves. There’s hope! Music is our medicine! With more than 700 videos from 300 artists, Daykamp Music TV will have you ridin’ out this sweater weather until we’re all living in harmony.

OK. That’s all I’ve got for this morning. Enjoy a music video or two! Here’s today’s Video of the Day. It’s a classic from The Juliana Hatfield Three. They play The Sinclair Friday night!


Black Friday Video Blowout!

It’s Black Friday and we’re blowing out the videos here on Daykamp Music TV. We’ve got “Black Bells” by Bearstronaut in stock and ready to stream to your face. How about “Black And Studs” by Potty Mouth? We’ve got that one, too. Black Fortress Of Opium has a video for “Afyonkarahisar Battle Cry” that you won’t want to miss. Bundle it with “If I Turn Into a Black Rose” by Anda Volley for a gift that will last all season long. For the rocker in your life, Blackjacks have you covered with “Dreaming of Saturday Again.” Exciting!

"Black Bells" is in stock now!
“Black Bells” is in stock now!

But wait, there’s more! Order now and we’ll throw in a pair of videos from Blackbutton and ANOTHER pair of videos from Blackhouse at no extra charge! That’s four videos for the price of none!

Order now and watch this video from Blackhouse absolutely free!
Order now and watch this video from Blackhouse absolutely free!

Start watching now. These deals won’t last forever…

There are now over 600 videos on Daykamp Music TV to help carry you to the weekend.

Let’s pretend it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working because you’re totally fried and you just need a break and hey you know what would be cool what if you could watch like 600 videos in a row wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yes. Yes it would. May I humbly suggest you head on over to Daykamp Music TV and click the play button. There you will be dazzled by over 600 videos from local artists. You shan’t be disappointed. Here are half a dozen snappy numbers to help get you to the weekend. This is a mere 1/100th of the total videos! Think of all the time you could kill on this thing…

White Dynomite - "White Dynomite"
White Dynomite – “White Dynomite”
The Color And Sound - "Graves"
The Color And Sound – “Graves”
Mean Creek - "Cool Town"
Mean Creek – “Cool Town”
Letter To Cleo - "Awake"
Letter To Cleo – “Awake”
Mellow Bravo - "Ridin"
Mellow Bravo – “Ridin”
SPF 5000 - "Make Love To Me"
SPF 5000 – “Make Love To Me”

Videos With Important Words In Them

Music can have a message. Videos can have a voice. Eddie Japan, Dream Generation and The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library have found their voices in their latest clips. Three videos. Three unique styles. Three important messages. The art and causes may vary, but the end result is the same: a music video that makes an impact. Oh, and they all have words in them, so put on your reading glasses.

Eddie Japan - "Fight Song"
Eddie Japan – “Fight Song”

Dream Generation - "Runaway"
Dream Generation – “Runaway”

The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library - "I'm The One Who's Dead"
The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library – “I’m The One Who’s Dead”

You should maybe probably check out these music videos if you feel like it.

Sometime life gets busy and you miss out on important stuff — important stuff like cool new videos! If this has recently happened to you, here are a few music videos that you should maybe probably if you feel like it check out.

The Bynars - "Time Vs. Money"
The Bynars – “Time Vs. Money”
The Rationales - "This Morning"
The Rationales – “This Morning”
Aloud - "Back Here With Me Again"
Aloud – “Back Here With Me Again”

If you liked these, there are plenty of other great local vids on Daykamp Music TV!