Halloween is nearly here. Watch these ten videos and be filled with fear.

Halloween is upon us. If you need help getting into the spirit of the season, maybe these spooky videos will help. Can’t get enough local videos? Head on over to Daykamp Music TV and watch over 750 of ’em. Now, please don’t leave a flaming bag of poop on my doorstep.

Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion! – “Planet Slime”

The Longwalls – “Zombies!”

Endation – “Staab”

Darling Pet Munkee – “Genuine Soil From Dracula’s Castle”

The Lady Comes First – “The Last Temptation of Shoney Lamar”

The TeleVibes – “DMT”

Moe Pope and Rain – “Annie Mulz”

Vary Lumar – “Murderer”

Gozu – “Bald Bull”

Walter Sickert And The Army Of Broken Toys – “The Sharp Mouth and the Toilet Vampire”

Eternals – “Out Of Context” (2015)

eternals out of context
“Out Of Context”

Eternals’ slow burn Rumble sets won me over in a big way back in April. Now they’ve released a new single that would sound right at home on Beck’s Sea Change and I’m hooked by this band all over again. “Out Of Context” is just plain wonderful. Perfectly layered, this autumnal single unfolds at its own pace. There’s no big buildup or payoff, just a moment in musical time. Stay as long as you want.

Where to get it:

When Particles Collide – This Town (2015)

when particles collide this town
When Particles Collide
This Town

When Particles Collide released This Town back in May. There’s something you should know about this EP. It’s heavy. Yes, the guitars chug and buzz and the drums rarely relent, but that’s not what I’m talking about. These songs weigh on your chest. There are some bright pop hooks sprinkled throughout this six part endeavor, but there is nothing frivolous to be heard. The title track makes an immediate, thunderous impact. “These Stories” was forged from ancient riffs. No song leaves a bigger impression than “Storm Cloud.” It’s a 3 minute song with the soul on an 8 minute epic. The result is almost impossibly dense and frenzied. When Particles Collide have left their mark.

Where to get it:

Aloud – “Darkest Days” (2015 Remix)

Aloud Darkest Days Remix
“Darkest Days”
2015 Remix

Sometimes as an artist you revisit your work. It’s natural to re-evaluate what you’ve created with the passage of time and experience. When this exercise goes poorly, you end up with Greedo shooting first. When it goes well, you get the 2015 remix of “Darkest Days.”

Prompted by the 5th anniversary of its original release and the continued evolution of the socio-political environment that spawned the song, Aloud remixed their moving anthem with new perspective. Click on through and you can read about the origins of the song and watch a short video where Jen and Henry talk about what “Darkest Days” means to them. Or just give the refreshed tune a listen and take its message to heart. You can’t miss it. It’s right there in those glorious opening harmonies.

Where to get it:

The Color And Sound – Hi. (2015)

the color and sound hi
The Color And Sound

Hello! Hi. is the new three-song EP from The Color And Sound. Opening track “Team” rocks out with youthful abandon. It’s exactly the kind of pressurized power-pop sing-along the group is known for. “Come Over” follows, takes a decidedly darker path to a similar destination. Not content to be boxed in as boisterous, “Better View” routes a ’50s-style ballad through a Flaming Lips filter. It’s an unexpected and most welcome turn.

Where to get it:

“Two Boston Music Awards Nominations” And Other Things I Never Thought I’d Type

The 2015 Boston Music Awards nominees were announced yesterday afternoon. For the second year in a row, this here site has been nominated in the “Best Music Blog” category. Daykamp Music is once again quite giddy to be in the company of Allston Pudding, Boston Hassle, Guestlisted with Jed Gottlieb and Vanyaland.

In a most welcome twist, The Boston Music Awards added a “Best Live Music Photographer” category for 2015. Johnny Anguish, the guy that does this whole Daykamp Music thing, is also nominated in that category. He’s pleased as punch to be able to type that sentence about himself in the third person. With so many talented folks shooting shows around town, this is pretty special.

So, if enjoy looking at black & white pictures of local folks doing what they love and marginally literate writings about music, please consider voting for Johnny Anguish and Daykamp Music. If not, plenty of other worthy folks could use your support. The amount is talent in this town is ridiculous. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading. Here’s the link to vote.


Doom Lover – “Alright, Goodnight” (2015)

Doom Lover Alright Goodnight
Doom Lover
“Alright, Goodnight”

It’s 2015, so we’re all aware that Doom Lover is awesome, correct? OK. Good. “Alright, Goodnight” continues the band’s tradition of songcraft that is hard to pin down. Is it atmospheric? Yes. Is it immediate? Also, yes. Is it eerie, frenetic or gorgeous? Yes on all counts. “Alright, Goodnight” changes from foreboding ballad to desperate anthem at the drop of a dime. All the while, harmonies hold your heart. Doom Lover have created their own musical world with a seemingly endless supply of songs that are slightly out of whack in just-the right-ways. I hope this well never runs dry.

Oh, they also made a pretty great video.

Where to get it:

The Easy Reasons – “Southern Boys” (2015)

The Easy Reasons - Southern Boys
The Easy Reasons
“Southern Boys”

The Easy Reasons keep it gritty and raw on their latest single. “Southern Boys” lives for its hook. It’s a good one. After a snappy verse with chiming guitars and wistful lyrics, the chorus throws down with a wall of overdriven chords and a big vocal. Good luck getting that out of your head.

Where to get it: