Fat Creeps – Fat Creeps EP (2012)

Fat Creeps
Fat Creeps EP

It’s no secret that I’ve been on a Fat Creeps bender lately. I’m hooked on the noise-pop they’re peddling. The band’s new EP makes me feel a little better about my addiction. It’s the good stuff. How good? I forget that I can’t stop listening to it even if I tried. This thing has been looping from the fiery “Secrets” through the haunting “700 Parts” from the moment I downloaded it. I dig the surf-tinged intro to the cautionary “Fooled.” I can’t get enough of the growing tension in “Horoscope.” “Cherry”, with its snappy beat and trippy pool party video, is the feel-weird hit of the summer. “Leave Her Alone” has intriguing harmonies and some perfectly placed tremolo bar action. So what if I can’t kick this habit? When it sounds this good, why would I try?

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