Cult 45 – “Dead End Kid” Video Premiere on Daykamp Music TV!

Yes! We’ve teamed up with heavyboogiemongers Cult 45 to bring you our first video premiere on Daykamp Music TV! “Dead End Kid” is from On High, which the band released back in January. It puts a clever spin on the ol’ video-inside-a-video trick and tosses in a couple of great cameos. Heck, the beard-no-beard countdown at the beginning is reason enough to click the play button.

The video was done by Mike Gill over at CircumVision, who is also putting together the what-looks-to-be-amazing Billy Ruane documentary.

Enough jabberin’, go watch this thing already! You may even pick up an idea or two for your next video…

Cult 45 - "Dead End Kid" on Daykamp Music TV
Cult 45 – “Dead End Kid” on Daykamp Music TV

Cult 45 is on Facebook, Twitter and Bandcamp. Show ’em some love.

Bonus Time! Here’s the full cover band video (awesome) and one of the Cult 45 performance (cool).

White Dynomite @ The Middle East Downstairs 6.19.2013

OK, let’s get something clear. Not only am I a huge fan of the music we’ve got coming out of Boston, but I’m a junkie for high octane rock ‘n’ roll from Sweden. As soon as I heard about the Imperial State Electric show at The Middle East, I freaked out and frantically snatched up tickets. Not only would I get to see a band I never thought I’d get the chance to see live*, but there were three Boston openers ready to give ’em a run for their money.

White Dynomite got things started on a night that would be full-tilt from start to finish. These guys are too much fun.

* Oh, and they were amazing.

Roy Sludge Trio @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 6.13.2013

The Viva La Eva! benefit went down at TT’s last Thursday night. It was all part of the grand ol’ Boston tradition of coming together for someone in need (for more info on Eva’s situation, including how you can donate, you can check out this Facebook event). There was a lot of great music happening for a great cause, like a wonderful set of Sun Records sounds from Roy Sludge, Jim Haggerty and Duke Levine…