Thick Shakes – French Dyppe (2012)

Thick Shakes
French Dyppe

What’s it going to take to get you into Thick Shakes? Their live shows are non-stop garage rock meltdowns. They released a cool 7″ on Aurora 7 Records last year. Would a limited edition cassingle featuring a pair of Farfisa-soaked, distortion-drenched ditties float your boat? You’re in luck. Thick Shakes have released an audio artifact that fits that description. French Dyppe opens with the driving “Friends Like These” before the hip shaking and head spinning take over during “Jaywalker.” No frills, just stripped down rock ‘n’ roll thrills. They even throw in the instrumental versions of the songs on the B-side.*

Oh, French Dyppe is also available as a digital download. You know, in case your cassette player is hanging out with your VCR and 8-Track player in some moldy old box down in the basement.

Where to get it:

* I love that the “1-2-3-4” was left in at the beginning of the instrumental version of “Friends Like These.”