The Daily Pravda – “Take It” (2015)

The Daily Pravda - Take It
The Daily Pravda
“Take It”

The Daily Pravda played their first show 10 years ago last week. To celebrate this milestone, they’ve given me the opportunity to premiere their new single! I don’t know what I did to deserve this, but I’m pretty darn happy about it.

The Daily Pravda have always worn their influences on their collective sleeve. When you so expertly weave an elaborate musical tapestry from the best material, why not show off a little? Show off they do. “Take It” is downright majestic. The hint of tremolo. The slide guitar. The melodic bass and locked-in drums. All spot on. That’s just the intro. The verses build with a “Kashmir”-like haunting. The tension is palpable before flooding the chorus with saturated chords and a triumphant melody. Knowing there’s going to be a big payoff doesn’t make the outcome any less rewarding. It’s glorious, ready to take on all late night singalongs. The Daily Pravda have put out a bunch of great singles recently. This may be their best. The future is not boring.

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