Party Bois​/​Petty Morals Split 7″ (2015)

Petty Morals Party Bois 1
Party Bois​/​Petty Morals
Split 7″

Do you like to party? No, do you like to party? Party Bois​ and ​Petty Morals like to party. They’ve got a new split 7″ to prove it. Party Bois offer up their biggest hook yet on “Loving Arms.” That’s saying something with the singles they’ve been putting out. It’s also the most straight-up rockin’ tune they’ve done. The electric guitars share equal time with the synths and electronic drums. Whoa-oh-oh! The flip side has Petty Morals hand clapping their way through another number ready for the ’80s guilty-pleasure flick running through my dreams. “Go For Broke” is a call to action. I suggest you answer it.

Petty Morals Party Bois 2

The 7″ record comes on snazzy pink vinyl and plays at 45RPM. Small hole. Full color jacket. Digital download. Get it.

Where to get it:

Petty Morals Party Bois 3

Le Roxy Pro – Le Roxy Pro (2014)

Le Roxy Pro 1
Le Roxy Pro
Le Roxy Pro

Le Roxy Pro are cooler than cool. One listen to their debut album will convince you of that. The band crosses The Dandy Warhols with The Beach Boys to wonderful effect. Give “Get It Out” a spin and you’ll see what I mean. “Coral Coralles” basks in a summer glow. “Bushkill” is a study in tension and release. “The Green Path To Nowhere” calls Teenage Fanclub to mind. They got me. Sometimes, straight. Sometimes spacey. Always compelling. What a sound.

Le Roxy Pro 2

The physical product is an eye catching, 12″ slab of blueish/greenish vinyl that comes in a full color outer sleeve and black & white inner sleeve. Lovely.

Where to get it:

Le Roxy Pro 3

Eddie Japan – “Albert” (2015)

eddie japan albert
Eddie Japan

Wow. I don’t even know how to describe what Eddie Japan is up to these days. “Movie music without the movie” doesn’t cut it anymore. Their sound is grand and layered. The lyrics, in this case inspired by Albert Camus, are colorful and well-considered. They play with passion and purpose. “Albert” brings all of this together in stunning fashion. Strings! Horns! Backing Vocals! Guitar twang! Breakdowns! Outros! Eddie Japan have found the perfect middle ground between their unabashed pop (“You Will Find Me Dead in My Comfort Zone”) and their love of the epic (“A Town Called Nowhere”). It’s the sound of thirteen musicians coming together for love.

Where to get it:

Full Disclosure: Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative did the artwork for this single. That’s why it’s so awesome. The artwork, not the song. I mean, the song is awesome, she just can’t take credit for that.

Roy Sludge Trio @ Lexington Battle Green BBQ Festival 5.16.2015

There was a lot going on this past weekend. I had dreams of catching a whole bunch of bands at HarpoonFest. I hoped to wander the streets of Somerville taking in the sounds of Porchfest. Neither one panned out. Thankfully, I did make it out to the Lexington Battle Green BBQ Festival to see Roy Sludge. At least I picked a good one. Roy Sludge is a national treasure.

Also, one of these photos was taken by a six year old. I’m not sayin’ which one.

The Daily Pravda – “1999” (2015)

daily pravda 1999
The Daily Pravda

“1999” sparkles with The Daily Pravda’s if-it’s-British-and-has-a-flair-for-the-dramatic-we-don’t-care-what-year-it’s-from-we’re-inspired-by-it sound. Bowie? The Psychedelic Furs? Radiohead? They’re in the mix. Layered guitars and well-placed backing vocals add dimension to this spaced-out melodic morsel. The whole thing is refined, precise and expertly executed. I like where this is going.

Where to get it: