Velah – Knotted / Glass Heart (Acoustic) (2013)

Knotted / Glass Heart (Acoustic)

Velah continue to find the perfect balance between atmosphere and immediacy on their latest single. “Knotted” opens with a slightly off-kilter, circular guitar riff that would have been at home on Amnesiac. This entrancing guitar line is offset by Nick Murphy’s measured vocal. His voice is a calming force amid the complex rhythm patterns. “Knotted” is a Velah song, so we’re soon awash in haunting backing vocals, swells of saturation and layers of delay. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

“Knotted” is backed by an acoustic version of “Glass Heart” from the bands Black Olympia EP.

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The Fagettes – “If I See Him Again” (2012)

Fagettes - If I See Him Again
The Fagettes
“If I See Him Again”
b/w “On Drugs” and “My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders”

The Fagettes are dangerous, raw and cut to the bone on “If I See Him Again.” This is Link Wray with lyrics, banned on late ’50s radio for all the right reasons. It’s viscous and vengeful, scathing and stark. It’s the sound of early rock ‘n’ roll distilled down and aged in barrels made from the beer-soaked wood floors of abandoned clubs. “On Drugs” mixes in a bit of Velvet Underground vibe. “My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders” has all the attitude of its namesake. The Fagettes mean business.

Fagettes - If I See Him Again back

The vinyl itself is a small hole, basic black, 331/3 RPM 7″ in a full-color jacket. It comes with a digital download.

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Fagettes - If I See Him Again  playing