Pale Hands – Fanatic EP (2014)

Pale Hands - Fanatic EP
Pale Hands
Fanatic EP

Pale Hands is a new project with history. The band is made up of Jen and Mike from Velah (and Static Of The Gods before that). On the understated and enchanting Fanatic EP, the duo shed their indie rock band duds for a spiffy synthesizer dream pop cloak. This is electronic chill-out music that never gets boring thanks to ever evolving soundscapes, controlled changes in dynamics and poppy melodies. Pale Hands are here.

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Sometime life gets busy and you miss out on important stuff — important stuff like cool new videos! If this has recently happened to you, here are a few music videos that you should maybe probably if you feel like it check out.

The Bynars - "Time Vs. Money"
The Bynars – “Time Vs. Money”
The Rationales - "This Morning"
The Rationales – “This Morning”
Aloud - "Back Here With Me Again"
Aloud – “Back Here With Me Again”

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Eddie Japan – “First Of The Gang To Die” (2014)

eddie japan - first of the gang to die
Eddie Japan
“First Of The Gang To Die”

I’m not a big Morrissey fan. I do, however, quite enjoy Eddie Japan’s cover of Morrissey’s “First Of The Gang To Die.” Whether that says more about me, Eddie Japan or Morrissey, I’m not sure, but it does say something. EJ’s laid back approach puts the song’s narrative front and center, backed by the type of nuanced arrangement that has become the group’s trademark. It’s a fitting statement from a band paying tribute to one of their influences.

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Razors In The Night – Never Give In (2014)

Razors In The Night
Never Give In

Truth. Honor. Loyalty. Pride. Community. Stand together. Sing along. Have fun. Live. Laugh. Vent. Rage. Stay grounded. Raise a fist. Us against the world. Hated by many. Misunderstood by most. Never give up. Never Give In. Razors In The Night. Respect.


This record is flat-out fantastic. Die cut cover. Cool splatter vinyl. 12″ record played at 45RPM. A big-time record gets the big-time treatment. It’s good to see hard work pay off.

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