I Am Become Death – 1867 Demos (2013)

i am become death - 1867 demos
I Am Become Death
1867 Demos

Brutal. Unrelenting. Exhilarating. Wicked. That’s just the first song. I Am Become Death put out a demo a few months ago. “House Of Fire” is the first song on there and it’s just plain savage. It sounds like Motörhead playing on the Event Horizon. “Field Dressed By The Drifter” doesn’t offer much of a reprieve. The plodding verses are just a setup for the inevitable bloodbath. The end is near.

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Parks – “Sweater Weather” + “Modern Fiction” (2013)

“Sweater Weather” + “Modern Fiction”

What happens when you pair up two of my favorite singles in recent memory and put them out on 7″ vinyl? You get one happy Daykamper. Parks have packaged up “Sweater Weather” and “Modern Fiction” as a physical thing. I’m glad they did. Both songs are brilliant. I love vinyl. It’s like they made this just for me (and 99 other people).


The 7″ is a large hole 45RPM number pressed on 180-gram black vinyl. It all comes nestled in a full color fold-over sleeve inside a vinyl bag. Thank you, Parks.

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Streight Angular – “Will Smith” (2013)

streight angular - will smith
Streight Angular
“Will Smith”

Good gravy, those cats in Streight Angular sure have a way with a melody. They just seem to churn out one hook-laden noise baby after another. “Will Smith” is their latest. It’s raw, distorted, messy and completely life affirming in its own weird way. Good art can do that, you know. Plus, there’s that melody…

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The Motion Sick @ Brighton Music Hall 7.13.2013

The Motion Sick recently played a reunion show at Brighton Music Hall. Phew. I never had a chance to see them in their first go ’round. I’m not sure why that is, but it seems odd to me now. I always liked their records. I’m a huge fan of their “30 Lives” video. I’ve seen Michael J. Epstein, Matt Girard and Travis Richter play in a bunch of other bands (and now Patrick Mussari after he opened this very show with his new band, Wash Pool). Now I’ve seen The Motion Sick live. They sounded great. I feel much better.