The Daily Pravda – “Country & Western” (2015)

the daily pravda country western
The Daily Pravda
“Country & Western”

This is dark. Real dark. I didn’t expect this from The Daily Pravda. “Country & Western” tosses and turns in the night, never letting you get comfortable. “There’s terror waiting in the wing.” Indeed, there is. It slinks and slithers through the saxophone sleaze, Ruby Rose Fox wails and electronic shrieks. Don’t let the mid-song lullaby fool you. There’s no happy ending here. That would be too predictable. Who would want that?

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Soft Pyramids – Fossils Of The Free World (2014)

Soft Pyramids fossils of the free world 1
Soft Pyramids
Fossils Of The Free World

My renewed love affair with the perfectly understated music of Soft Pyramids continues with a quick look at their 2014 full-length record, Fossils Of The Free World. I should probably mention what a solid album this is, from the dreamy opening of “Light By Heat” to the lush outro of “Porcelain Outlaws Break Easier.” I’d be remiss not to mention the high points of “Waning Moon” and “Tequila Sirens” that fall in between. Sure, these are things are all true. That said, there’s just one thing you truly must know: Any record with “Around This Town” on it is needs to be heard.

Soft Pyramids fossils of the free world 2

The physical product is a 12″ black vinyl record played at 33 1/3 RPM living in a full color sleeve. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

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Soft Pyramids fossils of the free world 3

These Wild Plains – Evils (2015)

these wild plains - evils
These Wild Plains

These Wild Plains have come to haunt the summer winds with Evils. There’s a shimmer to these tunes. The melodies flirt with optimism, but the songs themselves are about reality. In the real world, sunshine eventually gives way to clouds. We’re left with three songs that paint in never-ending shades of gray, where contrast and texture control the mood. These are black and white snapshots of the dog days. Revel in the twang, bends and warm fuzz of These Wild Plains while you can. The bright colors of autumn will be here before you know it.

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Dream Generation – “She’s So Wild” (2015)

Dream Generation - Shes So Wild
Dream Generation
“She’s So Wild”

Simplicity and repetition can be powerful in the right hands. They can make a moment feel bigger. A melody more memorable. A song more endearing. “She’s So Wild” is the latest from Chris Keene’s Dream Generation solo project. It is bigger, more memorable and more endearing than it ought to be. It’s exactly what it needs to be.

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