Tad & Kate @ The Rosebud Bar 8.25.2011

Meet Tad & Kate: Two huggable, lovable musicians that sing songs for the whole family in perfect two part harmony. You know, if your family is into songs about plane crashes, kidnapping, hobos, karaoke superstars and exhuming celebrity corpses. But then, whose isn’t?

Let’s face it, I knew this was going to be good before I even walked into The Rosebud. I’ve seen enough of Tad and Kate in Sidewalk Driver to know they weren’t going to half-ass this thing. They didn’t. It was great. I can’t wait to see them again. That’s it.

Nate Leavitt @ The Rosebud Bar 8.25.2011

Nate Leavitt celebrated the release of Inference, his new EP, with a fantastic night of music at The Rosebud. It was a multi-set affair for Mr. Leavitt, his guitar and his harmonica. He was even joined by Dan Nicklin of OldJack for a couple of songs.*

*Nate returned the favor by performing with the members of OldJack. More on that later…

Brendan Boogie – I Hate New York (2011)

Brendan Boogie
I Hate New York

It took me 2 minutes and 42 seconds to take a liking to Brendan Boogie’s I Hate New York EP. You see, at exactly that moment in the title track there is a killer multi-part harmony that completely surrounds you. It’s mesmerizing. The song has a Simon & Garfunkel feel to it, with an arrangement that reminds me of “The Boxer” at times.

Brendan Boogie continues the shaking off of his bubblegum pop persona with this release. His originals have taken on a darker tone. Songs titles like “I Want To Be Rented” and “Empty” are reflective of their lyrical content. I Hate New York closes with a well arranged cover of Dire Straits’ “So Far Away” that finds Mr. Boogie accompanied by acoustic guitar, viola, harmonium and glockenspiel.

Where to get it:

The Fagettes – The Fagettes, Vol. 2 (2011)

The Fagettes
The Fagettes, Vol. 2

I can’t get enough of The Fagettes. They’re a blast of stale, musty air in an oxygen tent. This is a band that makes you realize just how sterile things have become.

The Fagettes, Vol. 2 picks up right where their first EP left off. The band delivers four more garage rock nuggets with reckless abandon. It’s a crackin’ mix of Tommy James & The Shondells, The Velvet Underground, The Kinks, X and The Troggs.

Wanna feel good? Listen to The Fagettes.

Where to get it:

Davina Yannetty @ The Rosebud Bar 8.13.2011

You know all of those photos I’ve been posting all week of Space Balloons, The Bella Birds and Craig Robertson? None of them would be up here without the hard work of Davina Yannetty.

Davina is the woman behind the Uke-Arist series. She’s a powerhouse vocalist and a ukulele assassin (oh, and a killer piano player). She performs covers and her own material with equal passion and wit. She’s impossible to ignore. Thankfully, you’d never want to do that.

Space Ballons @ The Rosebud Bar 8.13.2011

Kids music played at 11pm in a bar? Must be Space Balloons.

I have to admit I was quite excited that Space Balloons were performing as part of Uke-Arist II. I wanted to see what kind of nonsense this trio could stir up. I was not disappointed. There were songs about reading to mustaches, square grapes, hovercrafts full of eels, hug wars, balloons in lagoons, life on Balloononia and dessert for breakfast.

I laughed.* I cried.** I watched Richard Bouchard chase Navigator Joe around the bar with a giraffacrockasomethingorother.*** I took some pictures. I had a good time.

* I did.
** I did not.
*** This almost made me laugh so hard that I cried. Alas, I did not (see **).

Nate Leavitt – Inference (2011)

Nate Leavitt

Nate Leavitt’s new solo EP is a somber affair. The four songs that make up Inference are built around Nate’s acoustic guitar and intimate vocals. “My End” is nicely augmented by tremolo and slide guitars. “Alone Together” and “Won’t You Be Mine” both feature a touch of piano to go with their feelings of longing and vulnerability. The songs are heartfelt and personal in both their nature and delivery.

“The World Today” stands out as a beautiful contradiction. The song’s sunny melody and major chord progression are tempered by its world-weary sentiment. It’s a work of profound simplicity. This is the sound of innocence lost.

Where to get it: