The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library @ PorchFest 5.18.2013

PorchFest! What a beautiful day to head into Somerville and listen to bands play out-of-doors. Big Little One and I jumped in the car after his swimming lesson* to catch some songs from The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library. We camped out on the sidewalk and enjoyed the ample sunshine and harmonies. As we walked away, Big Little One informed me that he had enjoyed himself.

“I like the way they sound. They sound the best.”

* There may have been a quick stop for a donut on the way.

Thick Shakes – “Polyommatus Blues” (2013)

thick shakes polyommatus blues
Thick Shakes
“Polyommatus Blues”

Thick Shakes are out on a short tour right now, but before they left they shimmied out a new single. “Polyommatus Blues” can’t decide if it should smolder with restraint or cut loose like it’s got sparklers in its pants. It does both. Throw a quick organ solo in the middle and you’ve got another in a long line of classic Thick Shakes over-modulated garage rock nuggets. Snag it while they’re on the road and get it name-your-price style.

Oh, and they’re shooting a video for this tune? Daykamp Music TV just got twitchy…

Where to get it: