Aquanutz @ O’Brien’s Pub 8.27.2013

Daykamp Music’s Top 5 Moments From Aquanutz Playing A Birthday Party

  1. Trying to guess which line of “I Remember You” would come next.
  2. There was a hairbrush. On the stage. On a mic stand.*
  3. Rodd Godd singing “Baby don’t stop / Take me to the top / And eat it like a piece of cake” while eating an actual piece of cake.
  4. “Bringin’ On The Heartbreak” sounded amazing. AMAZING.
  5. “You wanted the best… you got Aquanutz.”

* Hint: Look near Rodd Godd’s knees in the wide shots.

The Field Effect @ The Middle East Downstairs 8.23.2013

On this episode of Daykamp Music Goes To See The Field Effect, Johnny follows Doug, Nick, Annie and Adam into subterranean Cambridge for the band’s show at The Middle East Downstairs. The excitement in the room is palpable after compelling sets from The Susan Constant, The Deep North and Velah. The crowd is hungry for a set of energetic, heartfelt and memorable tunes played with great enthusiasm. All eyes are on The Field Effect as they take the stage. This is the moment the band has been preparing for.

Will The Field Effect make it to the surface alive? Tune in after these photos to find out…


It’s Friday. We’ve got videos.

Hi. Daykamp Music TV, here. Just checking in to let you know about all the cool new videos we’ve got on our not-actually-a-television-station music television station. It’s Friday. I’m not saying you don’t actually want to get any work done, but if you were looking to kill some time you could do worse than checking out some of these videos.

First off, there are a bunch of recently released videos we’ve added. Check out the latest from bands like These Wild Plains, Revocation, Lenny Lashley’s Gang Of One and Soccer Mom.

We’ve got some new classic videos in there, too. Feeling nostalgic for Ball And Pivot or Cliffs Of Dooneen? We’ve got ’em.

Keep watching and you may also see recently added vids from J-Po, Sarah Borges And The Broken Singles and this great two-fer from Triple Thick.

Oh, and I just added all of The Cars videos, because they’re awesome…

daykamp music tv cars

The Deep North – “Voices” (2013)

the deep north voices
The Deep North

The Deep North must be a pretty self aware bunch. They have to know about their knack for polishing up anthemic indie rock tunes. It’s something they’ve done in the past and have refined to near purity with “Voices”. The soaring vocals, relatable lyrics and wall of guitars that hit when the chorus comes around are designed to lodge the song in your head for at least the rest of the day. It’s a proven technique, and one The Deep North execute effectively. Like I said, they know what they’re doing…

Where to get it:

Velah – Skeleton House / Rose Wave (2012)

Skeleton House / Rose Wave

Velah’s Skeleton House / Rose Wave 7″ is something special. There’s always been something a bit mysterious to their sound. For this release they embraced that side of the band’s personality.

“Skeleton House” is a reflective number haunted by a tinkling piano sound. Where some Velah songs shower you in layers of reverberating guitars, this one is content to let the melody come front and center. The sparse verses fill out nicely when the chorus comes around. There’s a level of calmness throughout, which makes the song’s ending crescendo all the more effective. Velah’s restraint persists on “Rose Wave”. Guitar melodies, vocal harmonies and controlled swells serve them well.


I love unique packaging ideas, and this one is pretty crazy. Velah puts these things together by hand. There’s the black 7″ itself, but that’s just the start. There’s a key, a skull and symbol cloth thingy, some chalk and a cool little pop up house. I’m not going to pretend to know what it all means, but it’s pretty neat. Everything comes nestled in a box for little skull face guy to peek out of.

Where to get it:


Camden – “Talking About You” b/w “You’re So Fine” (2013)

“Talking About You” b/w “You’re So Fine”

Hey, remember this year’s Rumble? That was fun. A good amount of that fun came courtesy of the guys in Camden. I once described the band’s last single as “a perfect 3 minute pop tune in just over 2 minutes.” Their latest, “Talking About You,” may just be the perfect 3 minute pop tune to come, period. Camden shed their trademark hyperactivity on this one. In its place is a brisk, melodic stroll through some nice guitar arpeggios. This song does everything right. The B-side is equally memorable. “You’re So Fine” picks up the pace a bit, punctuated with some peppy tambourine work in the chorus. What a fine pair of songs.


The 7″ is a small hole, 45RPM number on black vinyl. There’s a lyric sheet and a full color fold-over to keep it company in the sleeve. You can grab the digital bits, too.

Where to get it:


Ryan Schmidt – “Another Friend” (2013)

ryan schmidt another friend
Ryan Schmidt
“Another Friend”

I first became aware of Ryan Schmidt through one of my all time favorite One Night Bands, Golden Owl.* Then I got turned onto his White Horse EP, with a title track whose presence cannot be denied. Ryan just released a new single, trading in lush string arrangements for synthesizers and a modern R&B groove. “Another Friend” is a big departure for the ambitious musician, showing a breadth of ability the defies the overused-and-now-nearly-meaningless singer-songwriter label that has been hung on him in the past. Ryan’s working it on this one. His vocal delivery is outstanding. The melody deftly bobs and weaves its way between the beats. Ryan has a passion for this. The song has a hook. The production is outstanding. Impressive.

Where to get it:

* I even got to shoot their promo pic!