Stars Like Ours – Hand Shy (2015)

Stars Like Ours - Hand Shy
Stars Like Ours
Hand Shy

The ’90s revival gods are smiling down on Boston lately. Between the Gloomy Tunes EP from Weakened Friends and this pair of singles from Stars Like Ours we’ve had a couple of new bands breathing life into an old sound. For their part, Kristin Edmonston and Michelle Paulhus build walls of thick guitars and driving bass that they smash through with kinetic melodies. “High” and “The Callout” are solid, driving tunes that show that Stars Like Ours are ready to play. I’m in.

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Sidewalk Driver @ Lawn On D 9.18.2015

Dear Science,

Lawn On D is a magical place. I need an easier way to get there. Please perfect teleportation. Thank you. Also, Sidewalk Driver is pretty great. My whole family loves them. Thankfully, the naughty bits from their songs went right over our boys’ heads. Is there some way to ensure that they* never grow up and understand what “Five Steps” is about? I don’t think I’m ready for that. Also, also, an invisibility cloak would be pretty rad.


*Our boys, not Sidewalk Driver.

Parlour Bells – “Wetware” (2014)

parlour bells wetware
Parlour Bells

Let’s give a listen to Parlour Bells’ 2014 space rock ballad, shall we? “Wetware” opens with a guitar line that carries the tune like The Edge with less digital delay. It’s a melody that skillfully intertwines with the vocals during the ever evolving us-against-the-world chorus. Parlour Bells do a great job creating a charged atmosphere. The bass, synthesizers, piano fills and ethereal backing vocals all find a place in the mix. Oh! Check out the rhythmic accents under the “I’m not perfect, but I’m human” part! Nice touch.

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Weakened Friends – Gloomy Tunes (2015)

Weakened Friends - Gloomy Tunes
Weakened Friends
Gloomy Tunes

It’s hard not to get excited about Weakened Friends. “Won Yet” was one of the best debut singles I’d heard in a long time. Now I’m listening to their Gloomy Tunes EP and I’m grinning from ear to ear. “Miserable” is brilliantly self-deprecating. “Main Bitch” has a distorted “Woo-ooo” melody that has me bopping my head despite my best efforts to remain stoic. “Won Yet” is included here, continuing the bad-vibes-make-good-tunes theme. Linear and unconventionally-structured mini-epic “Honestly” closes out this fine EP, making me feel exceedingly lucky to have Weakened Friends joining us for the Daykamp Poster & Photo Show. I can’t wait.

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