Party Bois – “In Your Head” (2014)

party bois in your head
Party Bois
“In Your Head”

Welcome to the land of the impossibly amazing. The sounds of Party Bois fill our ears with wonder. “In Your Head” is in our heads. We bang imaginary electronic drums. We play air guitar during the solo. We dance and dance and dance. There’s always drama. We’re breaking up. It’s impossible. It’s amazing. It’s Party Bois.

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Ultrabreakfast @ Cuisine en Locale 9.19.2014

It would be hard for me to overstate how important Ultrabreakfast has been to my time in the Boston music scene. Their indie rock, janglefuzz tunes brought me out to the clubs. They taught me who Billy Ruane was. “Gonna go out tonight/Gonna get my hand stamped twice” became words to live by. Friendships and bands formed with and around this crew have impacted just about every aspect of my life. Needless to say, when Ultrabreakfast got together to play their first show in 15 years as part of WMBR’s Pipeline! at 25 celebration, I was there.

This Blue Heaven – “Wave” (2014)

this blue heaven wave
This Blue Heaven

Coming on like a modern, dark, new wave band with a penchant for late-’90s-Radiohead-inspired outros, This Blue Heaven are back with another impressive single. “Wave” builds in a steady and sturdy way. The poised vocal dodges the sharp-edged textures. The sound is confident and controlled, with just enough tumult to make its mark. This is good.

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