The Den Mothers – Borrow Beg And Steal (1999)

The Den Mothers
Borrow Beg And Steal

Borrow Beg And Steal by The Den Mothers found former Boy Wonder bassist Paul Natale stepping into the spotlight fronting his own band. It comes off like a late ’90s post-grunge version of The Kinks. It’s equal parts clever and cool, making for a good listen.

There’s a tongue-in-cheek sense of humor to the lyrics. Paul’s wit is evident in “The Fake Song” when he sings “I don’t mean to sound negative/I’m best when at my worst.” He describes a new romance during “Kind Of In Love” that I don’t believe, but I do find entertaining.

The Den Mothers didn’t take themselves too seriously on this four song EP. Like a lot of bands I like, they kept it simple. Just write some catchy songs and have fun.

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