Township – Coming Home (2007)

Coming Home

Township continued the retro-rocking ways of their early EPs on their first full length album, Coming Home. These songs sound like a mix of every ‘70s AOR act you can think of. Foghat? Check. Thin Lizzy? Hell yeah. Heart, The Doobie Brothers, Styx and Kansas? You betcha. Kiss? Check out the “100,000 Years” breakdown and Ace Frehley guitar licks in “Big Bad.” How you feel the big bands of that decade will be a good gut check for how you might feel about Coming Home.

Township dishes out solid classic-rock-inspired fare throughout the record. Coming Home still has the big rock songs you expect from the band. “Millions Of People” has hit single written all over it. “Highway” has some nasty guitar riffs (reminding me of Witchcraft during the breakdown). “Round The Dust” has some cool tempo changes. We also see the guys spreading their wings a bit more.* “Baby Rock Me” is an adventurous ballad with a long slow build. “With You All Along” ventures into Pink Floyd territory.

Township nails the sound of ’70s rock on Coming Home. Check it out if that’s your thing.

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* …and song length. Two of the songs exceed eight minutes in length.