Miskatonic – Let Us Entertain Us (2007)

Miskatonic - Let Us Entertain Us
Let Us Entertain Us

Toss The Cars and the B-52s in a blender. Add a dash of Fountains of Wayne and a smidge of The Rentals. Voila! Miskatonic. What we have here is a band that is having fun creating quirky, poppy, indie rock songs. We’ve got boy/girl vocals, chirpy synths, buzzing guitars, and moving bass lines. Heck, the rhythm section makes these songs almost danceable, you know, if people in Boston actually danced.

Miskatonic has a nerdy innocence about it, much like early Weezer or Nerf Herder. “Sno-Cone Girl” and “Extra Terrestrial Girl” are ‘80s-tinged upbeat rockers with fun twists on the boy-girl pop song. Paul Wisner’s synth melodies are featured prominently on these songs. “Mach 4 Blackout” and “Consternation Land” really dial up the B-52s vibe. Singer Elizabeth Firger absolutely wails during “The Fall,” which also features some intense drumming from Mark Patti. “The Extra Mile” slows things down and features a cool falsetto vocal and Steve Kelly’s melodic bass line.

The highlight of Let Us Entertain Us is the new wave meets punk anthem “Dregs Of The World.” It sounds like The Buzzcocks with keyboards and cool little guitar leads. Tim Farrell shines on this track with his spitting vocal delivery. I love this song.

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