Viva Viva – Viva Viva (2011)

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Viva Viva
Viva Viva

Viva Viva is on to something good. The band takes a romp through the best music of the ’60s and ’70s before giving it an updated spin. This is garage rock with pop hooks and an indie rock mentality.

“Heartbreak Sweepstakes” gets things off on the right foot with some fuzz guitar bliss. The sweet organ and kick-heavy drum breakdown are just the icing on the cake. Want more? Viva Viva keeps it coming on the very next track, “Keep Lookin’, Good Lookin'”. What a great opening one-two punch.

Viva Viva isn’t just a big garage rock party, though. “Dial Tone” brings out the band’s pop side. “Little Dirty Angel” is a scuffed up ’50s balled with a Luna influence. “Sympathy For The Devil’s Little Helper” is an unforgettable smoldering blues dirge.

Viva Viva - Viva Viva - Numbered

“The The Only Way To Live” brings all of their influences together into one stellar 2:46 pop song. Just for good measure they do it all again on “First Time I Saw Her”, although this time we get 3:37 of enjoyment.

Viva Viva return to their garage rock ways with “If You Really Want It” before wrapping things up with “Nothings Getting Any Easier”. The record closes as strongly as it opens, with nary a lull in between.

Viva Viva - Viva Viva - Letter Press

This 2011 vinyl version of the band’s 2010 release is the limited to 100 numbered copies in letter press jackets from Repeat Press. There are also digital download and CD versions available.

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