MMOSS – i (2011)


With i, MMOSS have managed to create an album that sounds like it came straight out of the late sixties. Like much of the music from that time, there are elements of folk and psychedelia in this retro-rock stew. The songwriting, instrumentation and production are spot on. Let your ears feast on the eclectic mix of guitars (electric, acoustic and bass alike), flute, organ, assorted percussion and who knows what else. “Grow Down”, “Woolgathering”, “Molly Molasses”, “Come What May” and “Kitty Sorrow” are a few of my favorites, but this album is best experienced as a whole. Put on some headphones, let the needle hit the record and just go with it.

This record is one of 125 pressed in cool brown vinyl. There is also a black vinyl version. i is also available in cassette and digital download formats.

Where to get it: