Windmills By The Ocean – II (2011)

Windmills By The Ocean - II - Cover
Windmills By The Ocean

Windmills By The Ocean is heavy, dense and atmospheric. There is weight and heft to these songs. There is air and space.

The opening track, “Pagan Sun”, is a raging storm. Waves of distorted guitar wash over you. You are storm battered and weary. The clouds break momentarily as “Azure” opens. You can hear the siren’s song in the distance. Can you resist? Not likely. You wash up on shore. “The Circul” is the sound of your drained body collapsing in the sand. You’re dazed. You can feel it in your bones.

Side 2 opens with a parting of the skies. “Star” offers a glimmer of hope that you may weather this storm. No such luck. Despair returns. “Occul” finds the waves slowly swallowing you back into the turbulent sea. You smile as you give in and sink beneath the surface.*

Windmills By The Ocean - II - Spinning

The 45 RPM, 12″ vinyl version of II comes in standard black as well as two limited edition variations: “Pagan Sun”, a black and red sunburst effect, and “Windmill”, the two tone gray version you see here. This is one of the coolest looking pieces of vinyl in my collection. A digital download version is also available.

Where to get it:

Windmills By The Ocean - II - Label

Windmills By The Ocean - II - Vinyl

*Yes, I know this is all a bit goofy, but that’s what Windmills By The Ocean does to me. Listen to II and you’ll understand.