Hands And Knees – Wholesome (2011)

Hands and Knees

The music of Hands and Knees has as much in common with the early years of this thing we call rock and roll as it does with the music of their modern day peers. Songs like album opener, “Throw Me From The Bridge Of Flowers”, make you want to stomp and clap along. These songs have got some swing and swagger to them. “Dancing On Your Tears” is infectious. “99” rips, with shades of Link Wray on electric guitar.

Listening to Wholesome, you just know the people making the music are living the music. The production suits the music well. The instruments sound like real instruments, with a nice vintage sounding reverb holding things together. No over-production here. “The Moonlight Is Wicked” is a perfect example. It sounds as if it were recorded with the band playing live in a living room somewhere. I’m right there with them enjoying every minute.

The vinyl version of this fine LP comes in two varieties. There’s a regular version and a limited edition run with screen printed artwork by Mike Swiatlowski. That’s the one you see in the photos. You can also download a digital version.

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