Ruby Rose Fox – “Blue Angel” (2015)

Ruby Rose Fox - Blue Angel
Ruby Rose Fox
“Blue Angel”

Team up Ruby Rose Fox’s vocals with a ripper of a tune and you’ve got a song worthy of the repeat button. “Blue Angel” layers hand claps, big backing vocals, ample amounts of reverb and a touch of fuzz on top of a pocket groove. The whole thing is dipped in the most soulful vocals found on either side of the Charles for a number that melts into your ears and fills your heads with a snappy sound. You’ll be humming it for days.

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The Static Dynamic – “Spotlight” (2015)

static dynamic spotlight
The Static Dynamic

If “Relentless” served as my pre-Rumble introduction to The Static Dynamic, “Spotlight” puts an exclamation point on the whole experience. This song, like the band, is arena ready and made for the big stages. A wistful intro leads into a driving, fist-pumping anthem. The sound is huge. The execution is precise. The Static Dynamic aren’t messing around. Go ahead and sing along.

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Gracie – “Jesse” (2014)

Gracie Jessie

Self described “bummer jam” artist Gracie delivers on that stylistic promise. “Jesse” is a dissonant, down-tempo number. At the risk of being cheekily alliterative, I could have thrown desperate, droning, dreary or dirge-like into that mix. It’s depressing stuff, for sure, but darkness can be therapeutic. Sometimes being in a funk is good for the soul. Misery loves company. Darkest before dawn. All that jazz. Here’s your soundtrack. Besides, the fuzzed out guitar melodies and angelic backing vocals sound good enough to crack at least a bit of a smile, no matter your mood.

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Soft Pyramids – “Tweakin’ On The Weekend” (2013)

Soft Pyramids
“Tweakin’ On The Weekend”

I had seen Soft Pyramids before, but the band really won me over during this year’s Rock ‘N’ Roll Rumble. Naturally, I had to walk away with all of their vinyl, which included the laid back and hip single for “Tweakin’ On The Weekend.” Jangly guitars and a just-right tempo provide an easy groove below the drifting vocals. Soft Pyramids are swimming in the sweet spot. The B-side, “Don’t You Tell Me,” picks up the pace and provides a nice counterpoint to the first number. The digital download, included with the vinyl, tacks on a couple of high quality bonus tunes in “Bellwether Lullaby” and “White Deadnettle.” Nice.


The vinyl itself is a basic black 7″ that plays at 45RPM. The record, download code and accompanying lyric sheet are wrapped in a craft board sleeve with black printing. Simple and cool.

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