Le Roxy Pro – Le Roxy Pro (2014)

Le Roxy Pro 1
Le Roxy Pro
Le Roxy Pro

Le Roxy Pro are cooler than cool. One listen to their debut album will convince you of that. The band crosses The Dandy Warhols with The Beach Boys to wonderful effect. Give “Get It Out” a spin and you’ll see what I mean. “Coral Coralles” basks in a summer glow. “Bushkill” is a study in tension and release. “The Green Path To Nowhere” calls Teenage Fanclub to mind. They got me. Sometimes, straight. Sometimes spacey. Always compelling. What a sound.

Le Roxy Pro 2

The physical product is an eye catching, 12″ slab of blueish/greenish vinyl that comes in a full color outer sleeve and black & white inner sleeve. Lovely.

Where to get it:

Le Roxy Pro 3