Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents – Electric Candyland (2014)

Jenny Dee Electric Candyland
Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents
Electric Candyland

What happens when you take the handful of incredible singles you’ve released over the past couple of years and you put them all on the same record with a bunch of other great songs? If you’re Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, Electric Candyland happens. I’ve sung the praises of “Get Away,” “Don’t Tell Me” and “Bandit Of Love” in the past, but the release of a proper full-length album is as good a time as any to remind everyone how great these songs are.* The Deelinquents manage to blend ELO, Olivia Newton-John, Sweet, Darlene Love and Blondie into something new and different. It sounds wonderful. They snarl on “Bite Your Tongue.” They’re playful on “Wake It Up.” They rock on “Lookin’ For Clues.” They cover “Fox On The Run” and I’m happy. I think I’ll go listen again.

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* They’re really, really great.

Doom Lover – Until Everybody Dies (2014)

doom lover until everybody dies
Doom Lover
Until Everybody Dies

As a kid I had a cat named Pudge. He was a wee tiny kitten when we got him, but he grew up to be a pretty sizable feline with a bit of a belly. The name fit. Little did I know that spending my childhood with Pudge would prepare me for Doom Lover.

There’s always been something a little bit haunting and seductive about everything Doom Lover does. It’s right there in their name. When they released the eerie “Under The Alders” back in April, right before their appearance in the Rumble, they planted the seed. Until Everybody Dies shows how much they’ve grown. While a hint of the spring single’s darkness remains, Doom Lover pull back the veil on this EP. There’s an exuberance to these evocative recordings that’s hard to describe. Maybe it’s the joy of five people making music together. Maybe they’re secret optimists. Maybe their big hearts just can’t be contained. Maybe they are just lovers of doom, just like their name says.

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Party Bois – “Guest List” (2014)

Party Bois Guest List
Party Bois
“Guest List”

Oh hey, Party Bois. What’s up? What? You released another slammin’ tune? C’mon. You can’t be serious. Oh, dang, you are serious. “Guest List” is on. Everything about this song – and this other song and this other song – just blows my mind. I can’t even deal anymore. It’s time to give it up for Party Bois. They win. Fuzz to the face and I’m gone.

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The Daily Pravda – “The Morning Was The Worst Part” (2014)

Daily Pravda Morning Was The Worst Part
The Daily Pravda
“The Morning Was The Worst Part”

The Daily Pravda have unleashed a majestic and biting single with “The Morning Was The Worst Part.” A scathing hook, a killer riff breakdown and a thematic shift to a major-key outro are all packed into a tidy, leave-’em-wanting-more 2:42. They also manage to stylistically blend Bowie, The Bends-era Radiohead and The Smiths without breaking a sweat. Impressive. Most impressive.

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The Field Effect – “Jenny (It’s Getting Late)” (2014)

The Field Effect
“Jenny (It’s Getting Late)”

Back in June, The Field Effect released a cassingle of “Jenny (It’s Getting Late)” and “Whiskey/Whisky.” The physical media may be sold out, but the songs are still available as digital downloads. The A-side here is just as catchy as last year’s Boston Music Award winning “Ogunquit, ME.” So, yeah, pretty darn catchy. And it sounds fantastic. It’s a hit, I tell ya. A hit! “Whiskey/Whisky” dispenses with any pleasantries and goes for the throat. You can feel the tension pulsing through the wall of guitars. There’s a reason this song goes over so big live. It a release. And, dang, do those bass slides sound good or what?


If you can track down a copy of the cassette, it’s purple and comes with a color j-card.

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