Doom Lover – Until Everybody Dies (2014)

doom lover until everybody dies
Doom Lover
Until Everybody Dies

As a kid I had a cat named Pudge. He was a wee tiny kitten when we got him, but he grew up to be a pretty sizable feline with a bit of a belly. The name fit. Little did I know that spending my childhood with Pudge would prepare me for Doom Lover.

There’s always been something a little bit haunting and seductive about everything Doom Lover does. It’s right there in their name. When they released the eerie “Under The Alders” back in April, right before their appearance in the Rumble, they planted the seed. Until Everybody Dies shows how much they’ve grown. While a hint of the spring single’s darkness remains, Doom Lover pull back the veil on this EP. There’s an exuberance to these evocative recordings that’s hard to describe. Maybe it’s the joy of five people making music together. Maybe they’re secret optimists. Maybe their big hearts just can’t be contained. Maybe they are just lovers of doom, just like their name says.

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