There are now over 600 videos on Daykamp Music TV to help carry you to the weekend.

Let’s pretend it’s Friday and you don’t feel like working because you’re totally fried and you just need a break and hey you know what would be cool what if you could watch like 600 videos in a row wouldn’t that be awesome?

Yes. Yes it would. May I humbly suggest you head on over to Daykamp Music TV and click the play button. There you will be dazzled by over 600 videos from local artists. You shan’t be disappointed. Here are half a dozen snappy numbers to help get you to the weekend. This is a mere 1/100th of the total videos! Think of all the time you could kill on this thing…

White Dynomite - "White Dynomite"
White Dynomite – “White Dynomite”
The Color And Sound - "Graves"
The Color And Sound – “Graves”
Mean Creek - "Cool Town"
Mean Creek – “Cool Town”
Letter To Cleo - "Awake"
Letter To Cleo – “Awake”
Mellow Bravo - "Ridin"
Mellow Bravo – “Ridin”
SPF 5000 - "Make Love To Me"
SPF 5000 – “Make Love To Me”