Junior Communist Club – Freedom Of Speed (1999)

Junior Communist Club - Freedom of Speed
Junior Communist Club
Freedom Of Speed

Junior Communist Club was a one-off collaboration between Jack Drag’s John Dragonetti and producer Master Cylinder (Pete Ducharme). It was full of lo-fi-meets-hi-fi mid-tempo grooves and minimalist vocals.

Freedom Of Speed opens with the seven minute instrumental “Ultrabollywood.” The song is built around a Jack Drag-esque bass line and sounds like it could have been an outtake from the band’s Unisex Headwave album. “Tidal Wave” is up next, with its cool, effected drum loops and catchy yeah yeah yeah backing vocals. “Ultrasound” brings back that Jack Drag bass sound, this time with Master Cylinder’s remixing playing a more prominent role. This one also has a great hook in the chorus and more nonsense word backing vocals (this time with a bop bop). Mellow keyboard permeates “76 Place.” “I’ve Been Shot” has distorted guitars and is full of rhythm shifts. The title track wraps things up with another great chorus hook and Beach Boys-like backing vocals.

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