The Rationales – Dream Of Fire (2014)

the rationales dream of fire
The Rationales
Dream Of Fire

Have I ever mentioned how much I like The Rationales? I think I have. Their latest, Dream Of Fire, is pretty fantastic. The EP opens with live favorites “Drunk All The Time” and “Radio,” a single they released back in 2012. It’s a formidable and familiar one-two punch of hooks and vitality. “This Morning” shakes up its Buffalo Tom-like vibe with fiery, spaced-out guitar solos. “Last Words” buries the dagger with the line “She won’t remember the last thing you said if you’re there.” Man. These songs are reeeeeaaaally good. The whole thing wraps up with “Let It Go.” Here’s a band so gifted in the ways of verse/bridge/chorus blowing it all up with magnificent results.

Like I said, I like The Rationales.

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