Mellow Bravo – RiPPER (2013)

mellow bravo ripper
Mellow Bravo

Oh, what’s this? Mellow Bravo have a new EP?* That’s nice. I’ll just download it and OH MY WHAT THE HOLY GEEZUMS HELL YES! THIS F’N RULES! Look, I love Mellow Bravo. Strut is a great party record with moments that hint at something more. Their self-titled album dug deep to show the world their guts. This one here, RiPPER, cuts through you like a chainsaw through brie. “Feel Like Dancin'” and “Party” are both destined to be perennial set openers. “So Pretty” is right there with the riffs, too. Mellow Bravo close out the EP with the devastating “Low Ain’t The Bottom.” They back off the gas a bit to deliver the knockout blow. RiPPER just became my favorite Mellow Bravo release. JUST GET THIS, OK?

Where to get it:

* Yes, I know it’s not brand-spankin’ new anymore. I’ve been too busy listening to this thing to write about it, OK? Back off.