Cheerleadr – Rock Album (1999)

cheerleadr - rock album
Rock Album

Cheerleadr sounds a lot like early Foo Fighters on Rock Album, which is exactly what the Foo Fighters sounded like back in 1999 when this album was released. The two bands share a love of aggressive guitars, driving rhythm sections and the big chorus hook. Vocally, both acts are able to deliver the whisper to a scream dynamic. Singer Will Claflin doesn’t have the near croon that Dave Grohl has in his lower register. This serves Cheerleadr well. It adds a bit of bite during the lulls of the loud-quiet-loud routine. There are some pretty solid songs here. “Telescope” has a great dynamic between the verse and chorus. “Get Faith” is a top-notch rocker. “Death Of Me” features a fantastically vulnerable vocal. “Engage” is a speaker-melter.

On Rock Album, the guys in Cheerleadr managed to put together an album that perfectly captures the sound of alternative hard rock in 1999.

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