Parlour Bells @ The Sinclair 12.15.2012

Parlour Bells had a big year in 2012. Their Rumble set was one of the highlights at this year’s event. They opened the first ever show presented by Daykamp Music.* The most dapper band in Boston did the same for the last show presented by WFNX while they were still on terrestrial radio. When fall rolled around, they showed off their versatility with a show-stopping performance at the debut of Lounge Act. Well, add one more biggie to the list. With their opening set at OldJack’s Holiday Homage, Parlour Bells became the first Boston act to grace the stage of the newly-opened Sinclair.

I can’t wait to see what they have in store for 2013.

* I’m sure they will consider this a watershed moment in their rock n’ roll careers.