OldJack – Holiday Homage (2012)

Holiday Homage

On their new Holiday Homage single/EP-thingie, OldJack have managed to turn the sugary sweet Mariah Carey classic “All I Want For Christmas Is You” into a smoldering, well, OldJack holiday song. A soulful lead vocal, gritty guitars and those trademark OldJack backing vocals breathe new life into this well worn number. It’s a great arrangement by a great band. Toss in one of those let’s-get-our-friends-together-and-sing-about-better-times-ahead songs* and you’ve got a release worth adding to your Christmas playlist.

Where to get it:

* In this case the friends are Brendan Boogie, Dave Mirabella, Keith Pierce, Jess Collins and Nate Leavitt. The song is “The Christmas Song (10th Anniversary Remix)”