The Field Effect as Weezer @ Church 10.27.2012

Here are some pictures of one of my favorite live bands covering a band I used to love but disowned after they put out a record so bad it ruined my perception of the band forever. Or so I thought.

You see, Weezer and I were estranged. After Make Believe came out, I stopped listening to them altogether. I had such a distaste for that album that I couldn’t even bring myself to listen to Pinkerton. Everything seemed off. Then The Field Effect came along and reminded me how much I love some of those old Weezer tunes. I was hearing them through someone else’s ears. Sometimes you need a little distance from a bad breakup to appreciate what you had and move on.

A few days later my six year old grabbed The Blue Album off the shelf and asked me what band it was. I told him. We listened. We both liked it.