I, Pistol as Nirvana @ Church 10.27.2012

Bands pretending to be other bands: Sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes uncanny. Throw I, Pistol covering Nirvana in the third bucket.

I had a feeling this would be pretty good. I had never seen I, Pistol before, but I seem to recall Rick Taylor doing a Nirvana cover with Walk Of Shame when he participated in One Night Band.* I was not let down. These guys stuck mostly** to songs from Nevermind, Bleach and Incesticide. They obviously love the material and they delivered it convincingly. This was a pretty cool way to kick off the night.

* Dave Stoops did One Night Band the following year with Lesbian Frankenstein.

** Entirely? I can’t recall. I didn’t realize there would be a quiz. Back off.