Noble Rot – Noble Rot (2006)

Noble Rot
Noble Rot

Noble Rot played a raucous brand of rock n’ roll. It was loud, crude, sophomoric and unapologetic. They shot from the hip and tried to take out as many unsuspecting listeners as they could.

On their self-titled disc, the band made a great first impression with “Kicked To The Curb”. The song is an adrenaline fueled rocker with some fantastic backing vocals. “American Hangover” followed, upping the catchiness without losing any edge.

Digging deeper into this full-length, “I See You Coming” is on par with the first couple of tracks. “Mission Hill” and “Leave The Lights Off” work well with just a hint of street-punk anthem in the mix. The lyrics to “Menace,” “Big Bottle Of Love” and “Detox Bitch” are sordid, even by sleaze rock standards. Not your thing? They didn’t care.

Noble Rot never deviated from their Mötö-copter formula. They stuck to their loud fast rock n’ roll manifesto. Rich Hoss’ distinctive vocals provided an identity for the band. Adi Luv and Rodrigo Van Stoli’s guitars could rip and tear in a way that would make Tracii Guns proud. The rhythm section (Hoss on bass and Wes Narron Jr. on drums) was solid throughout. Noble Rot may not have been reinventing the wheel, but they did a good job rolling it recklessly down the road.

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