Butterknife – Do the Needful (2012)

Do the Needful

Butterknife’s Do The Needful is an exceptional collection of emotionally unsettling power pop. It’s the sound of a relationship exposing its flaws. The songs have a humanity to them. So often songs of this genre become caricatures of themselves in an effort to aggrandize or diminish the virtues of romance. Butterknife manages to keep love’s bittersweet nature intact.

Musically, these songs are polished gems. A fine sense of song craft is on display from the opening snare hits of “$100” through the sea of guitars that carry away “This Was A Romance”. Butterknife can play it straight (“Coattails”) or off-kilter (“June 4”). For the 4:55 duration of “Restless” all of these elements come together in one damn near perfect song. Bittersweet.

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