OldJack – “Take A Bow” (2012)

“Take A Bow”

It’s only fitting in the midst of all this Rumble mayhem to have a listen to OldJack. Last year the band had one of the most improbable runs in Rumble history.

When Dan Nicklin sings “Take a bow/Tell ’em they can’t count you out” you listen. He’s been there, after all. There’s an honesty to OldJack’s music that comes across in Dan’s voice. Behind it all, the band are their usual smoldering selves, settling into a verse groove that rides a “The Ballad Of John & Yoko”-esque bass line. OldJack wisely play to their many strengths on “Take A Bow”. Tasteful guitar leads and trademark backing vocals find their space. Just when you think you’ve got the song figured out, the band pulls the plug on the expected electric Twangcaster solo. In it’s place is an airy acoustic guitar section that sets up the big payoff: a wall-of-sound inspired middle eight. It’s the kind of sequence that reminds you of the unexpected places good songwriting can take you.

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