The Dirty Truckers – Loose In The Joints (2008)

The Dirty Truckers
Loose In The Joints

Loose In The Joints starts off with the infectious “Sea Pines.” It’s clear from the get-go that The Dirty Truckers are raising their game once again. Once content to be the closest thing Boston had to The Replacements (certainly not a bad thing), The Dirty Truckers have really come into their own on their third release, pouring on their love of The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty and Faces.

Once again we see some lineup changes for the band. Lead ‘Trucker Tom Baker is still there, as is long time bassist Jamie Griffith. However, new members John Brookhouse (The Irreverends) and Brian McElroy (Golden West Motor Lodge) immediately make their mark. We’re introduced to Mr. Brookhouse via the fiery intro solo on “Sea Pines.” It’s well known that I think John is one of the best guitar players in Boston. He makes my case all over this record. Brian McElroy provides some great backing vocals throughout.

The band is absolutely on fire this time around. “Breakin My Stones” jumps out of the speakers. “3 Weeks To Go,” “Almost Justify,” and “Crosscutting Concerns” all rock with reckless abandon. There’s even a song that references fellow rockers *AM Stereo. As great as the loud numbers are, some of the record’s high points come when the band dials back the throttle. “Boston Wrangler,” “2 Different States” and “So So Numb” are among the finest song Tom Baker has written to date.

Loose In The Joints is also the best sounding album the band has made. Mike Quinn’s recording and David Minehan’s mix give us a clear sound of a band in top form. Great songs played with heart and captured in a way that sounds just right. This is my kind of record.

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