Vic Firecracker – Mixed Not Mastered (1998)

Vic Firecracker
Mixed Not Mastered

“Sevens” is one of my all time favorite songs in an odd time signature. When a band can make a song in 7/4 time sound effortless they’re onto something. That’s what Vic Firecracker does on this opening track to their EP, Mixed Not Mastered.

Standout tracks include the aforementioned “Sevens”, the syncopated and melodic “Connect The Dots” and the heaviest song on the CD, “Booksmart”. “Booksmart” is a ticking time bomb full of shrapnel, with call and response vocals, chunky riffs and a flurry of cacophonous guitars.

Vic Firecracker keeps you on your toes throughout Mixed Not Mastered. The six songs contained here are sharp and angular. Time signatures change and tempos shift. This is indie rock that makes you think.

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