Watts – One Below The All Time Low (2007)

One Below The All Time Low

Watts have a sound. It starts with Cheap Trick and The Rolling Stones. Then it adds liberal doses of The Psychedelic Furs and both varieties of The Heartbreakers. It’s a good sound.

Watts use that sound to power their way through One Below The All Time Low. The record opens with the fantastic swagger of “20 To 12.” It’s the Stones on steroids and it’s a scorcher. There are other great songs, too. “One Below (The All Time Low)”, “Wishing” and “Petty Revolution” all feature great lead guitar lines to go with their catchy melodies. In fact, there’s not a bad song in the bunch.

One Below The All Time Low is fun and well executed. The guitars interact with precision, trading riffs from speaker to speaker. The backing vocals are spot. John Lynch is a human metronome. This is good solid rock ‘n’ roll.

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