Fit To Be Tied @ The Rosebud Bar 9.23.2011

Fit To Be Tied closed out the fantastic Joan Jett tribute night at The Rosebud with a set that included two Barbusters songs from Light Of Day.* I went into the night expecting Tom Baker and gang to play the title track (Mr. Baker’s regular outfit, The Dirty Truckers, covered this song at a Springsteen tribute show last year), but “This Means War” was a real treat. Close out the night with an drunken all-hands-on-deck version of “I Love Rock N’ Roll” and I’d say Nicole Tammaro did a bang up job putting this show together.

* Unfortunately, no one covered The Hunzz classic “Rabbit’s Got The Gun”. New mission for me: Orchestrate a Fit To Be Tied reunion just so I can convince them to play that song.