Township – Ladywood (2007)


Township has a brand new record coming out this weekend. I thought It would be fun to look back at the first release I picked up from the band a few years ago.

Township has ‘70s boogie down to a science on Ladywood. Throughout the four song EP, the band successfully channels Foghat, Mountain and Thin Lizzy without completely aping their forefathers’ sounds.

It’s all good fun even if it has been done before. The songs have big sing-along hooks and good old fashioned solos. While the guitars grab your attention first, it’s worth noting John Sheeran’s exceptional bass playing. His parts are melodic and always fit the groove of the song. Marc Pinansky has a voice that suits the material well.

I originally picked up Ladywood for the song “Give It To It”. It’s a classic rock monster. What sold me on Township is that the rest of the EP does not disappoint. “Summer Of Dudes” sounds like it could have been an AM rock radio staple. The verses of “Moanin’” hint at early Aerosmith, with slinky guitar riffs and stunted adolescence lyrics. “S.O.S” has a reggae tinged verse and a driving chorus which may be the high point of this collection.

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