The Modifiers – Show And Tell (1998)

The Modifiers
Show And Tell

If there was a club for bands that carry on the spirit of The Replacements in Boston, The Modifiers would be card carrying members (along with The Dirty Tuckers and *AM Stereo). Their rock is loud, loose and noisy. There are melodies and stories to be told.

The Modifiers may have some Westerberg hero worship happening, but they never go quite so far to make you think they should be sending the guy royalty checks. The songs are solid indie rock affairs. “Favorite Waitress,” “Glowing” and “Passage Through” are all fine examples of The Modifiers sound. “Outbound” is an ode to Mary Lou Lord a-buskin’ on the Red Line.

There’s not a lot of variety on Show And Tell. For the most part The Modifiers do one thing and do it well. The band does mix it up a bit on the bass driven “Tonight.” “Possession” is an all out basher. “Rough Draft” breaks things down to just guitar and vocals, showing once again that underneath all the noise it’s the song that matters most.

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