The Great Bandini – The Great Bandini (2008)

The Great Bandini
The Great Bandini

On their one and only album, The Great Bandini just couldn’t seem to get enough of crunchy guitars and sweet vocal harmonies. We should all take a moment to thank them.

The barrage of catchy melodies is relentless. If the world was just and true this record would have spawned more hit singles than Def Leppard’s Hysteria. The songs are concise and well arranged. Solos are melodic and purposeful.

The Great Bandini managed to find the perfect ratio of rock-to-roll for their songs. “Maintain Relaxation,” “Rubber Knives,” and “Testa Mia” are raucous numbers with strong melodic sense. “Are You In Love With Him?” is a bittersweet pop song turned up to 11 that calls Teenage Fanclub to mind. “No Reply” has a magical British invasion guitar outro. “Sleep Through The Summer” sounds like a lost track from Superdrag’s Headtrip In Every Key.

This record makes me happy to be alive.

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