The Rationales – The Distance In Between (2011)

The Rationales
The Distance In Between

The Rationales have taken their Wilco, Tom Petty and Big Star influenced sound and injected it with a hefty dose of late ’90s indie rock in the vein of Buffalo Tom, Teenage Fanclub and Matthew Sweet. What do all of those acts have in common? Great songs. So it is with Dave Mirabella and his bandmates.

The Distance In Between is a damn fine record. “Tongue Tied” and “Another Moon” both have a nice mid-tempo feel. “Braedon” and “Jaded” ratchet the energy up a level. “Still We Believe” is anthemic. Spot on backing vocals and melodic guitar lines compliment every track. The production is excellent. Like I said, a damn fine record.

Guitarist Kevin McMahon takes over lead vocal duties on one of my favorite tracks, “Try To Tell Me”. This song was driving me crazy. The overall sound reminded me of another record I couldn’t place. Finally I realize that the song sounds like it could have come from John P. Strohm’s criminally overlooked Vestavia album. That’s good company to keep.

I’ll leave you with this snazzy lyric from “Slower-Faster”:

Cut it live or multi-track it
Either way it’s made of plastic

I love that.

Full Disclosure: I took the photos that grace the cover of The Distance In Between. The lovely and talented Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative made the whole thing look great. Don’t hate this record because it’s beautiful.

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