Eddie Japan w/ Ruby Rose Fox – “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” (2014)

eddie japan Christmas Baby Please Come Home with Ruby Rose
Eddie Japan w/ Ruby Rose Fox
“Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

This is good. This is really good. I’m all for crazy renditions of holiday classics, but I always come back to well crafted versions that echo the originals. This here rendition of “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)” with Eddie Japan and Ruby Rose Fox is just right. Old school recording techniques, great vocal interplay and special guest Doug Orey on guitar make this worth the download. All of the proceeds benefiting the DCF Kids Fund make it worth a lot more.

Where to get it:

The Field Effect @ The Middle East Upstairs 10.17.2014

Here are some photographs of The Field Effect, purveyors of heart-stabby music, at The Middle East. The performance was part of the Crash Safely series of shows which aim to raise money for the National MS Society. It is worth noting that the band played well and engaged the audience with occasional use of quiet parts and screaming, though not always at the same time. Viewers should be warned about the foul language embroidered on Doug Orey’s Wrangler brand shirt. The photographs are rendered in black & white to make them appear important. Thank you for visiting.

The Field Effect @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 8.22.2014

If you’re a fan of The Field Effect’s Cartography album, then last Friday’s show at TT’s was for you. The band played their full length front-to-back and side-to-side.* Then they did the hokey pokey and they tu… stop it. Look, I’ve written a lot of words about The Field Effect that all basically say the same thing. This is a really good band that puts on one heck of a live show.** Isn’t that good enough?

* Side-to-side because it’s available on vinyl, right? Sorry.

** Also Doug fell down.

The Field Effect @ The Sinclair 6.27.2014

I’ve been lucky enough to see a bunch of great Field Effect shows. Some stand out for their overflowing passion. Sometimes they cover David Bowie with Tad McKitterick. Some are just plain fun. Friday night’s show at the Sinclair for WERS’ 65th Anniversary was noteworthy for the band’s confidence. The Field Effect were in control of the situation from the moment they took the stage. The band was great. The crowd sang along. A cassingle was released. I say The Field Effect are A-ok.

The Field Effect @ The Sinclair 12.21.2013

These are photos I took of The Field Effect at The Sinclair. The show was right before Christmas, so they played their cover of “Blue Christmas.” They were attired in some quickly discarded festive garb. Hmmm, what else. Oh, it was a Field Effect show, so there were a bunch of catchy tunes played with precision and exuberance. Doug did not fall down. He did jump. Adam pretty much destroyed the drum hardware. Nick successfully churned out guitar lines while avoiding whiplash and Annie actually managed to stay still for .001% of the time.* All in a night’s work for The Field Effect.

* This is a scientific calculation. Wait, no it isn’t.

The Field Effect @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 10.4.2013

Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down! Doug fell down!*

* Also, The Field Effect played a great set to close out the 5 Years of Boston Emmissions with Anngelle Wood party at TT’s.

The Field Effect @ Redstar Union 9.5.2013

I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to take in a show at Redstar Union. I’ve watched the live streams and video clips they produce and I’m always amazed at the quality. For some reason I’ve never made my way over to the slick Kendall Square performance space. Well, Brian Charles* curated last week’s The Singhs & Friends residency. His picks? Aaron Perrino and The Field Effect. OK, you got me. I’m now watching The Field Effect bounce around the Redstar stage like excited molecules powered by fancy LED lighting…

* Along with being one of the best producers in town over at Zippah, Brian runs Zippah Records and founded the fabulous Tuesday Night Recording Club with Aaron Perrino. He knows his stuff.

The Field Effect @ The Middle East Downstairs 8.23.2013

On this episode of Daykamp Music Goes To See The Field Effect, Johnny follows Doug, Nick, Annie and Adam into subterranean Cambridge for the band’s show at The Middle East Downstairs. The excitement in the room is palpable after compelling sets from The Susan Constant, The Deep North and Velah. The crowd is hungry for a set of energetic, heartfelt and memorable tunes played with great enthusiasm. All eyes are on The Field Effect as they take the stage. This is the moment the band has been preparing for.

Will The Field Effect make it to the surface alive? Tune in after these photos to find out…