Black Friday is still terrible. Supporting local art isn’t.


It’s Black Friday. Black Friday is still terrible. Supporting local art isn’t. Here’s a quick list of alternative ways to spend your hard earned dollars than fighting crowds at the chain stores.

If you do go out to the stores today, think about keeping it local. Oh, and pick up something for Anngelle Wood’s Spectacular Gift Drive for DCF Kids Fund.

Announcing The 2015 Daykamp Poster & Photo Show with The Sheila Divine, Sidewalk Driver and Weakened Friends!

Daykamp Poster Photo Show

Hey, does anyone remember when we did this? That was fun. It was so much fun, we’ve been wanting to do it again. We’ve just been waiting for the right time. And waiting. And waiting. And wait… it’s time! Now we’re doing this!

On November 25th we’ll be hanging out at The Sinclair with The Sheila Divine, Sidewalk Driver and Weakened Friends. Read that lineup again. I still can’t believe we suckered these bands into playing these bands agree to play the show. To make the night even more special, Nicole Anguish of Daykamp Creative will be hanging up her poster art and I’ll be displaying prints of some of the photos I can’t seem to stop taking. We’ll even have some stuff for sale if you want to turn your home into an art gallery for people obsessed with the Boston music scene.

Now, imagine all of that goodness and top it off with the fact that this show will also serve as the release show for The Morbs, the new record from The Sheila Divine! No way! Yes way!

Come hang out with us on Thanksgiving Eve. We’ll do our best to make it a good time.

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The Sheila Divine @ Harvard Square Mayfair 5.3.2015

Sometimes you hang out in Harvard Square on a beautiful day and watch bands with your 8-year-old son. Sometimes that boy gets tired. Sometimes you strike a deal with him* to hang out for just two songs from one of your favorite bands. Sometimes, as you’re walking to the T with your little buddy after those two songs, he decides he wants to stick around a little longer and you end up getting to watch a good chunk of The Sheila Divine’s set before everyone goes home happy. Sometimes you have really good days.

* Bribe him with pizza.

The Sheila Divine @ T.T. The Bear’s Place 9.13.2013

I’ve seen a lot of great shows at TT’s over the years. This here Friday night of the club’s 40th Anniversary week has been another to remember. What a ridiculous lineup. Who could possibly close out a night that has already seen killer sets by The Gravel Pit, Sidewalk Driver, The Field Effect, Emergency Music, Corin Ashley and Kenny Chambers? What’s that? They’ve got The Sheila Divine coming up next? You can’t be serious. Really? Good golly. I just. This is. I… uh… yeah. Amazing.